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If you are a professional services or healthcare business owner, practitioner or organisation looking for effective marketing solutions, you have come to the right place. I founded AER Marketing to provide marketing expertise to service providers in affordable, accessible ways. Budget restrictions might not allow for a full-time marketing staff member or agency,  but my services will allow you to set up and maintain an effective marketing programme for your practice or business.

My options will help to develop a professional presence and attract new clients, patients and customers. I offer a variety of solutions including website development, marketing packages, marketing strategy workshops and DIY marketing kits.

Trust is essential when choosing someone to help you market your services and you can be assured that you will always deal with me directly. By focusing on specific professions, I have a deeper knowledge of the environment you work in and the right marketing activities and messaging to use.

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A little about Me..

Professional services and healthcare marketing are my areas of expertise. Prior to founding AER Marketing in 2011, I worked for ten years with a number of corporations, organisations and businesses, across a wide scale of marketing budgets and resources to work with.

While I appreciated all of these experiences, I realised that I really enjoyed working directly with clients to amplify their services through smart, accessible marketing services. This led me to form AER Marketing.

As a service provider myself, I completely understand the nuances involved in representing your services to the wider public and business community. It was important to me to offer excellent value through profession-specific services so that clients don't feel misunderstood -  I speak your language and understand the nuances of your space.

If you would like to chat about your marketing requirements, please get in touch.


Anna Riordan
BBS Marketing Management, MMII
Founder & Owner, AER Marketing

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Ray Tongue, Psychotherapist & Counsellor

This marketing kit has been an extremely valuable resource for me and is very sensitive to the field of counselling and psychotherapy

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