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Giant Strelitzia Nicolai



Marketing Plans are lengthy documents, usually carried out by Marketing Managers. Unless you have a Marketing Department, it is unlikely that you will have the time and resources to build out a comprehensive plan.


This Marketing Membership aims to get you marketing (effectively) as quickly as possible by simplifying the planning process.


A promotional calendar is the backbone of your Marketing Plan. It is a simple organisational process that will take the time and stress out of planning and executing your marketing activities.

You will include all of your marketing activities and the content you use to fuel them so that your marketing goes from ad hoc & disjointed to consistent & professional.



You will find a ONE YEAR Promotional Calendar in the Downloads section of this Module. Simply download and save it to your computer or print it off and write into each section.


I recommend that you set aside a half day per month for marketing planning. Book it into your diary as you would client work and stick to it! Follow the instructions below to develop a simple, effective marketing schedule for the month ahead.


Open the Promotional Calendar (upload new universal calendar in folder) and download to your computer. Refer to the sample weeks (shaded in grey) for guidance on how your promotions should be scheduled.

Next, open the Content Bank Document (upload new bank) and download to your computer.

Don't forget that you will receive a new Content Batch each month.

Identify the content themes and posts that relate to the Services you wish to promote.

Choose a content theme for each week of the upcoming period (4 weeks etc) and place it in the relevant week’s theme box (above the Monday-Friday boxes).

Schedule activities (email, website update, social media etc) for that theme cross that week or fortnight.

Use empty fields beneath to add preparation notes: setup Instagram, write case study etc.


Save your calendar somewhere accessible (phone/computer) or print it off and store it at your desk.


Place reminders into your phone calendar or physical diary on the days you intend to work on marketing.


On those days, open up your promotional calendar first thing to see what activities you will be doing, and what you will be saying that day. Intentional, consistent, simple!


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