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Choosing Social
Media Platforms

Your time and resources and limited and valuable so let's focus on the platforms that will put you in front of a large audience and allow you to showcase what you do. We will consider the size of the audience and the type of content needed to interact with that audience. We want to make sure that the platforms you use will fit within your capabilities. 

We will cover all you need to know from setting up your social media accounts, what to post, growing your followers and more.


Your Monthly Social Media bank (link) contains ready to use content that you can adapt for your business or practice.

Improve / create sub banner


The chosen platforms will also offer significant advertising options should you decide to go down that track at a later date. Social media advertising is covered in detail in a later module.


Where Are Your People?
(clients, customers, referrers?)

Most Used Social Media Platforms Ireland 2024



Facebook                77%

Instagram                70%
FB Messenger        62 %
Tiktok                      47%
X (Twitter)                46%
Snapchat                 38%
LinkedIn                  39%

Pinterest                  32%


Looking at the information above, we can see very clearly where the largest Irish audiences are. In the top tier, Facebook (including Messenger) and Instagram command the largest number of Irish users.



By setting up a presence on these platforms, you can be found by millions of people, showing them what you do and allowing them to connect with you.


You can use specific strategies to target your potential clients and customers, encourage them to follow you and join your community for whenever they are ready to buy or engage your services. Instead of a one-time ad, you get multiple opportunities to demonstrate what you do, the benefits of your services or products, customer care, testimonials and so much more. Your potential clients & customers will see your business in technicolour!

Click the buttons below to access your complete guides to Facebook & Instragram.



If your target audience includes other businesses or professionals, LinkedIn is a great social media option to add into the mix. While it may come lower on the social media user list above, it is unique in its user base profile - it is the world's largest professional network. This offer a unique opportunity to engage with specific types of professionals, raise awareness of your business and connect with them over the long term.



47% of people in Ireland use Tiktok yet it seems to get the most attention in terms of media! It is very popular amongst younger audiences and while it's share is growing, we must consider the age and profile of the decision makers who will buy your services and products today. When deciding on where to focus your time there are stronger options available and this is where we will focus our energies.

Please note that if you have a younger target audience + the time and capacity to run a Tiktok account, you can use much of the strategy guidance given for other social media platforms.


If you are developing video content, it is a great idea to place it on Youtube for additional reach however you do not need to approach profile development in the same way.



We will not be including Snapchat as an option for similar reasons to Tiktok. You will have some decision makers in this audience but unless you have the time to cover all, we recommend that you focus on the platforms that capture the majority.



X (formerly Twitter)

Some businesses and practices find having a presence on X (formerly Twitter) is great for networking & customer care, so if you have time, by all means forge ahead with it. However there are less opportunities to visually demonstrate your offering and the overall audience numbers are lower. If you are using other platforms, you can apply most of the same strategies, content and design principles.


Examples of Social Media Done Well

Content for Calendar Month

Set Up Facebook / Instagram
Meta Business Suite

Live: Early May, put it all together
Setup + Content + Questions

Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 19.53.14.png



Three-quarters (75%) of enterprises used any form of social media in 2023


Ireland was home to 4.01 million social media users in January 2024,equating to 79 percent of the total population. Over 18 = 89.5% population3.49 million users aged 18 and above using social media in Ireland at the start of 2024, which was equivalent to 89.5 percent of the total population aged 18 and above at that time.


1hr 56 Mins ave daily time spent using social media


6.8 ave number social media platforms used each month

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