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This section shows how to generate content for social media. You can use the same guidelines for creating social media advertising content. Aim to post at least 1 -2 times per week.


First off, we will refer back to our theme (Anxiety & Depression) to see how to adapt it for social media. Take your completed blog article and identify snippets of important information.

For our Pandemic Related Anxiety topic, you could extract an impactful quote for placement:




For social media in particular, we need to ensure that you display your content in an appealing way as it is an image based platform. For website articles and email, using a single high quality image (relevant to the subject matter) will suffice, as they are set against a branded template. With social media, you have a couple of choices relating to how you display your content.


For Instagram in particular, the overall collection of posts on your profile is called your ‘grid’. The more cohesive this looks, the better, as it demonstrates consistency and professionalism - see sample to the right. By keeping imagery  in line with your branding, your overall social media presence will become a highly effective arm of your marketing activities.

Your main choices are to use imagery or text. For both options, you should apply your brand style, whether that be colour, font or a consistent filter.


from Instagram


There are many free stock image sites that you can browse to find a picture to reflect your subject matter:

Nearly all images on these free stock sites have a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means you can distribute the images without requiring author consent, and do whatever you want with them.

In order to make images reflect your brand, you can apply an Instagram filter to the image to alter its colour and other properties.



Looking back to our grid example, you can see that many post formats are an impactful quote or fact. If we take the sample of ‘You are not alone - 1 in 5 has significantly increased psychological distress (anxiety, depression) since the pandemic’ you can highlight part of the statement to stand out and encourage viewers to read on.

You cannot type straight into an Instagram or Facebook image space however there are many apps available that are relatively easy to use, great for for social media, and do not require a degree to operate! They can also be used for other design elements such as creating print materials, email banners, blog banners etc.

Apps to create professional posts and templates:

Adobe Spark
pablo By Buffer



For this kit, we are focussing on CANVA as it offers a free account and can meet the needs of a standard Psychotherapy practice. As it resides on your phone, you can easily transfer your images to your social media accounts.

Free accounts offer a range of templates for all types of social media posts, with the ability to alter for your specific brand design. For those who feel confident using the app, you can upgrade to a paid account (€11.99 per month) that allows you to access 400k free images, use an animator function for stories, add team members etc. This is not necessary for Psychotherapy practices but good to have the option if you find yourself a budding content creator!

Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 20.50.44.png

If you are a confident Instagram user, read on...

As a Psychotherapist, are you fielding the same questions over and over again? A successful way to tackle topics and widen your audience is to engage in a Q&A or seminar type session via Live Streaming on Instagram. Users are notified when you go live so it attracts a lot of attention.

Live Streaming is one of the most popular activities on the platform with users 10 – 20 times more likely to watch through to the end compared to regular videos.

Why? The combination of suspense (anything can happen!), being involved in the actual moment and a sense of belonging to the community creates a desire to watch. So much so that 80% of Instagram users would rather watch a live video than read a blog and 82% prefer live over social posts.

Live streaming encourages more authentic interactions and responses to discussion items in real time.

To get your Live video in front of a whole new audience, use the “Go live with a friend” option to co-host a live video with someone else in your industry. Appears as split screen, you then share each others followers.



Start with your expert topic, one that you feel extremely confident discussing. Write out the top 5 questions you field in relation to that and how you answer them. This is the framework of your content.
Let your followers know that you will be going live with an eye catching post or story promoting it - do this a few times over the course of the week leading up to it.

Going Live
When you go live, there will be a lag time of when people start to connect so don’t start straight away. You can use the time to welcome people casually.
This type of communication lends itself well to real time engagement so keep an eye on any questions that come through and answer them as you go.

Post Live
Live videos appear within your brand’s Story. When the live video ends, you can let it disappear, choose to make it available for replay on your Story for 24 hours, or add it to IGTV.

Create an IGTV series
Live videos can go up to an hour long so you can save them into a series to show real expertise on certain topics. This type of format has a huge benefit in that under the ‘Explore’ tab, IGTV posts appear four times larger than photos  - much stronger real estate & promotional space.

Finally, if you see something that is very relevant to your practice and audience, you can re-post it to your own profile. You must first reach out to the Instagram user whose content you want to reproduce and obtain written permission to do so. You can do this by commenting on the image and asking, or by sending them an Instagram Direct Message, which can be accessed by tapping the paper aeroplane icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

You could also collaborate with other profiles - colleagues, local medical practice, etc - this could be a simple awareness message stating the various professions / services with a practice.

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