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SERVICE: Full Suite Marketing Services
BY: Joe Ree, Managing Director

Over the years GARO developed a valuable and steadfast relationship with Anna, Anna became conversant with our business and industry, quickly establishing what worked for us, educating us along the way and encouraging us to expand our marketing activities.


Anna was a vital additional resource to our team, especially during key times of new product launches and substantial projects such as website launches and redevelopments.


The tasks and projects undertaken by Anna were many and varied, some of the key areas included:

  • Developed and implemented marketing strategy for GARO Ireland & UK (when launched in 2019).

  • Oversaw the promotional launch of new product ranges, including EV Chargers

  • Launched and managed social media presence across relevant platforms, LI and Facebook, growing community numbers and engagement.

  • Developed and carried out multiple digital advertising campaigns across Google Ads and LinkedIn, increasing awareness and sales of key product lines.

  • Created industry specific articles for editorials and website blogs

  • Managed branding across the business, ensuring consistency & integrity

  • Created print and digital ads, banners, flyers, email templates and website materials

  • Worked with the management and sales teams to enhance marketing, communications and sales activities

  • Liaised with all third party suppliers to enhance marketing activities

  • Created regular marketing reports for management team

  • Managed & promoted the Irish website, growing it from an average of 5000 visits to 60,000 per year through various activities. Launched and grew the UK website from 0 to 16000 visits from 2019 to 2020.

Anna managed marketing services for GARO electric from 2012 to 2020, when, due to the company’s expansion it was necessary to take marketing in-house. During this time (2012-2020), company revenue increased by 200%.

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