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How To Find Time For Marketing

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

"I don't have time for marketing!" - this is is the most common issue I hear from clients who work individually or as part of a small practice or business. I totally get this, doing your 'actual' job and leaving time for a life outside work is a tough balance to strike. But we cannot avoid the fact that marketing is the lifeblood of the practice / business and it needs to be part of your activities.

By getting organised and making smart decisions, you can fit marketing in to your workload. Here are some top tips for marketing with limited time and resources:

  1. PLAN AHEAD - get your diary out and look at the next 3 months. Book an appointment as you would book in a client / patient each each week, for say two hours or whatever you can manage. It should be during your working hours, otherwise it will be too tempting to skip if life gets in the way.

  2. CHOOSE ACTIVITIES CAREFULLY - you don't need to be everywhere, just in the places your clients are most likely to be. You need a website and the ability to be found on Google (SEO - more on that in another post). After that, social media is where your largest audiences spend their time, but choose platforms carefully and do them well.

  3. CREATE MEANINGFUL CONTENT - whether it is website, social media, email or other marketing content, it should benefit your intended audience. Think about the top queries you receive from clients and make a list. Then create articles (one page will do) to flesh out the answers you would give. The same with advice, for example, if people want to know how to keep back pain at bay or how to reduce anxiety you may have tips that you repeatedly give out. You might already have this on an email or flyer. This is valuable information for audiences and becomes the basis of your marketing content.

  4. ORGANISE & REUSE YOUR CONTENT - This is the best time saver. Now that you have a few articles, re-use the content across all of your marketing channels / activities. Place the article on your website for audience value and SEO. Write a synopsis and use this for a social media caption, adding a link back to the article on your website and add an catching image that represents the topic. Take the first few lines of the articles and place on to an email to your mailing list. And of course if you are advertising you can use this content as the basis for your ads.

  5. MONITOR - Keep an eye on what is working and focus your energies there.

  6. BE CONSISTENT - Like most things in life, consistency is key - by keeping your marketing appointments in the diary you will build a strong presence without it feeling like a mammoth task.

Ultimately planners are your friend - whether its a digital calendar, physical diary or excel spreadsheet, schedule all of your activities.

Go on, book your marketing 'appointments' this week and you can have a strong presence by the end of Spring!

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