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from €2999 plus VAT

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I offer practitioners and businesses the opportunity to avail of a complete marketing setup package. You will receive all of the essential marketing channels to create a professional impactful presence for your practice and allow for ongoing promotion and engagement with new potential clients / patients.

The Setup Package Includes:


Built on the Wordpress platform, I will build a contemporary site that reflects your practice and creates a professional trustworthy impression for potential new clients. Features include:

  • Complete Content Essentials

  • Professional Welcoming Design

  • Mobile Friendly Format

  • Self-Edit Function

  • Security

  • Search Engine Best Practice (Google Listings)


As the primary method in which people search for services, I will apply the methodologies that allow your practice to appear on Google search results, maps and voice search results. Search Engine Optimisation strategies and a professional Business Listing will ensure that your practice appears in a professional and informative manner.


Capturing the largest audience base in Ireland, I will develop business accounts for your practice on Instagram and Facebook so that you can reach potential clients / patients where they spend most of their time. These accounts will be linked for further efficiency and content topics will be provided for ongoing management.


I will setup an email marketing system to allow your practice to demonstrate your expertise in a professional branded format, direct to people's inboxes.


You will receive a full marketing programme covering a 12 month period. You can tailor for your practice with a suite of discovery tools and best practice advice to maintain your activities. The detailed Messaging section and 12 month bank of content & themes will allow you to immediately fuel your website, email, social media and more.


The package includes direct consultations to develop your activities and to provide training for admin staff to administer of your activities over the long term.

These packages are available from €2999 + VAT, depending on requirements.

Please reach out to discuss further.

Client Feedback

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Ray Tongue, Psychotherapist & Counsellor

This marketing kit has been an extremely valuable resource for me and is very sensitive to the field of counselling and psychotherapy

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