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Running a practice is hard work with little time remaining to focus on the life blood of the business - the attraction and retention of clients.

The essence of good marketing is for your prospective clients to be able to find you, understand clearly what you do & why they should choose to work with you.

The purpose of this marketing kit is to provide you with a roadmap of how to review your existing marketing setup and to learn about the options available to you, demonstrated in a clear and concise manner.

It has been developed specifically for Psychotherapists operating in Ireland and provides valuable insights on how the population is searching for the service of Psychotherapy.


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This AER Marketing Kit is a complete marketing programme for Psychotherapists. Its not just a strategy, it identifies the most relevant marketing activities for your practice & contains How To Guides to set them up. You will be shown how to maintain them using best practice methods. You will also receive 12 months worth of Psychotherapy specific marketing content so you don’t have to spend valuable time thinking about what to talk about. It is a bank of content and messaging - social media posts, article topics, the fuel for your activities. You also receive a suite of tools to tailor this programme specifically to your practice.


Once complete, this kit will serve as your marketing plan for the upcoming 12 months. After this time, you will be so comfortable & knowledgeable, marketing will become second nature.


Your kit starts out as a custom marketing plan for Psychotherapists and is further tailored for your specific practice by working through a set of discovery tools within the kit. 

You use these results to complete a unique promotional calendar / plan that will allow you to market your practice confidently and effectively over the coming year.


Read through each of the Psychotherapist Marketing Kit sections, tools and instructions. Start to create notes / draft responses for each tool.


Schedule time to set up each of the relevant activities for your practice. You can start with one or two and add more each month - after six months (or six weeks or six days) you will have an effective marketing programme.


Use the Messaging Section and attached Content Bank document to develop meaningful content to maintain your marketing activities for the long term.

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